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A history of love about the Z80 system I always told myself "one day I will build it"

Finally in December 2007 the spark lit and what not been done in 20 years ended up in being done in two days, pics and story of what happened.

The Z80

Another story that begins around 1993 in the University of Trieste and a tour to Milan to attain an INMOS Transputer meeting.

Transputers are really cool stuff, they were way ahead of their time.

The Transputer

At some point I decided it was time to learn some VHDL and try this world of CPLDs and FPGAs

VHDL experiments

See CP/M 2.2 running on my Z80 System, so far just a basic implementation.

CP/M 2.2

Great fun with POES satellites and various aerials setup, climbing up trees and digging holes.

Weather station
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